Conexus is a lifelong learning company. We leverage technology such as big data, data analytics and machine learning, with proprietary content
and academic research & psychology to provide a platform that leads educators, learners, policy makers and organisation leaders into a data-driven and
evidence based perspective.

This reflects our conviction that lifelong learning effects real, sustainable and desirable growth in society.

  • Individual

    Empowered individual learning profile

    Personalised content roadmap

    Profile portability over stages of education

  • Organisational

    Process redesign with actionable analytics

    Support for professional development of educators

    Aggregated insights with historical data

    Group/team profiling and building

    Organisational engagement and motivation assets

  • Policy Level

    Understanding educational profile, trends and 21st Century Competencies

    Insights into worker profiles, preferences and skillsets

    Studies, reports and surveys on education, employment and career profiles



Across all of these verticals we specialise in ensuring that real data-driven experiences reaches the stakeholders they serve.

Conexus uses an evidenced-based approach backed by academic rigour, a technological stable and advance (Microsoft red carpet partner),
a nationalised platform with over 3,500 installations, that offer a localised, contextualised and tailored experience for each environment.

Backed by World Class Educators and Researchers
  • Developed by renowned educational experts
  • Modelled after the world-class learning experience in Scandinavia
  • Derived from over a decade of data and research
Works For Multiple Scenarios

  • Collaboration focused
  • Relevant to multiple set-ups for educators, trainers, corporations and individuals
  • Holistic learning solution
Uses Blue Chip Technology

  • Microsoft Red Carpet partner
  • Over 3,000 installation globally


"Conexus delivers measurably improved learning outcomes and
prepares students for life beyond their education years."

— Gartner Inc

  • Students
    Students /
    • Uses data from multiple sources to profile students
    • Improves accuracy of educational proficiency
    • Encourages self-learning and motivation
  • Trainers
    Educators /
    • Enhances effectiveness of teaching and training programmes
    • Strengthens relationships between educators and students
    • Increases effectiveness of teaching pedagogies and curriculum
  • Parents
    • Equips parents to support learning at home
    • Reduces friction through accurate assessment
    • Improves home support and relationships
  • Partners
    School Owner /
    Business Partner
    • Strengthens professional development of teaching staff
    • Provides greater value to clients
    • Develops industry-driven learning culture in organisations

Conexus puts the teacher in the driver's seat using learning analytics— Jan-Martin Lowendahl
Ph.D. (Chemistry), Research VP in Gartner Research

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